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Elegant, secure traveling case for an artist's tools.

Burgeoning artists are always told to, "Draw from life." I designed this travel case to help me do just that.

Most of the life worth drawing from is far away from my desk.

I wanted something that could fit in my bag and go with me anywhere. To a landscape, a museum, or a classroom.

This self rigid design distinguishes itself from similar rolling styles by serving as an artists palette of sorts, able to be carried in the hand alone, not requiring a table to rest on to be of use.

The shaped leather pocket hold your tools securely and protects their tips. This pocket will never close up on you and and gives effortless access and storage to 5 pencils in each side of the case.

The flaps at the top of the case keep everything in place during travel and tuck securely away during use so they will never be clumsily in the way.

Pencil Case Engraved with Roses

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