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These are built to last, not just to look like it. This simple principle has guided all of my design decisions for this line of professional office folios.

The leather is 1/8th of an inch thick, strong enough to stand to serious daily use for many years. Not opting for wafer thin leather means I cannot have a dozen small pockets for every gadget and charger, but those come and go. This was built for pen and paper, simple, and largely unchanged for 150 years now.

I have omitted any small straps, buttons, ties, or snaps. Delicate parts like these are always the first point of failure. They stick out, they get caught on sleeves I find it best to simply live without them.

The back cover is made from one continuous piece of leather. This is costly but I find it both more durable and more beautiful.

Superfluous seams are a great way for a maker to save costs on leather. It is much easier to work around the imperfections on a hide when you need smaller pieces, but each new seam is a new weak point that did not need to be included.

From that strong foundation I have given this product every bit of polish and precision I know how within my craft. The leather is cut, oiled, dyed, and assembled by hand so that no detail is missing. The edges of each piece are sanded, dyed, and burnished to a high finish.

A business isn't built to last a few years at best, why would you outfit your office that way?

Keep important records, photos, and documents organized and protected in a beautiful and secure package that will represent you and your company everywhere that it goes for the lifetime of the business.

This is not a binder cover or sleeve, this is a new binder built completely from scratch. Thick, beautifully textured full grain leather is double backed and hand stitched to create a solid and durable protective cover for its contents.

Designs added to the leather are not printed on, but rather carved and tooled into leather by hand in low relief, giving a finished product as pleasing to the hands as it is to the eyes.

Your binder can be made to any size and any specifications you may need.

Any size, any thickness, any ring count and ring placement of any commercial binder can be improved upon with this bespoke exterior.

This is designed to be a lifetime alternative to cheap cardboard and vinyl binders.

The binders are designed to have the ring mechanism replaced if they become damaged in any way. If it ever needs any other repairs I will be happy to make them.

Listed costs do not include artwork. Contact me to discuss design options.

3 Ring Binder for US Letter Paper

This item can be Made to Order. Current turnaround times are shown under the "Lead Times" tab at the top of the page.
  • These binders are always made to order. I do not carry a stock. They usually take around 5 business days to make plus shipping time. The most up to date information can be found on the "Lead Times" tab at the top of the page.

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