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A custom desk pad and mouse pad adds a distinguished look to any office space and protects fine desk tops from scratch and wear.

The desk pad provides an excellent writing surface. Firm with just enough give, allowing for neater and more comfortable handwriting.

Border Detail:

Any border detail seen on any item in my shop can be used on any other item. 


I offer three sizes as standard, but any sized pad can be made. If you would like a blotter made specifically to your desk contact me for a quote.

Mouse Pad - 9" x 9"

Desk Pads:

Small - 14" x 20"

Medium - 18" x 24"

Large - 24" x 30"


These items must be shipped flat which means that the package can cost quite a bit to ship, especially if traveling a longer distance.

For this reason these are the only items in my shop that do not ship free.

Returns Exception:

These are produced exclusively on a made to order basis. While most non-personalized items in my shop can be returned, no questions asked, I do not accept returns on desk pads.

It is a rare thing that I sell one of these in a stock size. Most are cut to the size of the customers desk and as such I am not likely to be able to resell a returned pad

Desk and Mouse Pad Set


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